Protest planned over police shooting of Black couple in Illinois

(Reuters) — The local coordinator of Black Lives Matter said protesters expected to rally in Waukegan, Illinois Thursday to raise concern about the shooting by police that killed a Black man and hurt his partner.

The demonstrators would be calling for responses as to why, after a stop on Tuesday night, a police officer fired Marcellis Stinnette and his friend Tafarra Williams at age 19.

He said Clyde McLemore wanted several hundred participants to meet at about 12 p.m. on the screening location.

CDT (1700 GMT) march to the Waukegan Police Station (73 miles) to the north of Chicago, the town of Lake County.

McLemore, a member of Black Lives Matter's Lake County branch, told Reuters "We're watching at least two to three hundred."

"We've got visitors from all around."

The White Male Officer confronted a two-pop powered vehicle shortly before midnight on Thursday, according to a statement by the Waukegan Police Department and the car escaped.

As a second officer appeared later, the car reversed, according to the assertion that the second officer identified him as a Hispanic individual.

The declaration specifies that there are no weapons in the car.

"Officer # 2, in fear of defense, discharged his semi-automatic weapon," the statement reads, describing the driver as a Black woman in her 20's and the rider as a Black male in her adolescence.

"There was a gunfire both for the driver and the rider."

Their names were confirmed by McLemore.

The Waukegan Police Department said it ordered the State Police of Illinois to investigate the crash.

The police failed to elaborate on this.

McLemore says he hopes to sue the police officers involved and called for the Department of Justice to review the dismissal instead of the state police.

"The police prosecuting the police are bored of us."

(Wilton, Connecticut reporting by Nathan Layne; Jonathan Oatis editing)