21 white supremacist gang members, associates busted in massive drug trafficking sting in Utah

According to a set of charges unsealed Friday, Utah's federal prosecutors have arrested 21 white gang supremacists as well as collaborators for trafficking cocaine and weapons.

The charges follow a 16-month study of three "home-built" animosity classes – the Aryan Cultural Fighters, the Mute Aryan Warriors and the Valiant Elector Thugs – identified as more and more coordinated criminal companies by officials.

"It's a Utah commodity, sadly," USA.

At a press conference, attorney John Huber said.

"In Utah there's a lot of pride to be made from our snow, lovely mountains, national parks.

This is one of our white nationalist groups.

We're owning it and not proud.

The alleged people was charged with trafficking in the Salt Lake City and Ogden area opium, opioids, painkillers, weed and other narcotics.

The inquiry led by state and federal officials led to a variety of criminal allegations against the body, including the trafficking of methamphetamine and ownership by a convict of a weapon.

If convicted nine of the suspects would face life in jail.

In the process of the test, researchers also seized 15 weapons and 1,65 pounds of meth.

Officials said all of those accused were active for many years in illegal activity in Utah neighborhoods.

Huber told reporters that one of the gangs, the Soldiers of Aryan Community, was born in a state prison in Utah in the 90's and is rising ever since.

Recently the FBI alerted senators of the top risks to American national security being white nationalist organizations.

"The FBI Chief Christopher Wray told the House of Representatives last month at the hearing is definitely the greatest chunk of it, of politically based militant nationalism, individuals who ascribe to white supremacist-type ideologies."

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