11 Germans charged with alleged far-right terror plot

"BERLIN (AP) – On the allegations of mortally planned attacks on Muslims, eleven German men were charged with belonging to a far-right terror organization with a view to creating disorder and eventually overthrowing the German government," said prosecutors.

Eight of the men led by Werner S, were informed by federal prosecutors.

In September 2019, Tony and E. founded the "Group S" organisation.

Three other people were subsequently suspected of entering, and the party was assisted by a 12th suspect.

In Stuttgart State Court, seven of the suspected already face allegations of weapons-breach.

The offenders did not obtain last names in compliance with German data security rules.

The group intended to establish "conditions similar to civil strife" by targeting mosques and killing or hurting the most amount of Muslims possible in order to "wake up the state and the social order" of Germany in order to finally overthrow the regime.

In comparison, the Prosecution proposed employing force against political rivals.

Officials say that the party has gathered in private places many occasions to review preparations and that Werner S.

Others were taught to fire a rifle.

Conferences were arranged via talk and telephone programs.

All participants except only one party members who did not donate four-figure amounts to the cause in an attempt to collect €50,000 ($59,000) for more weapons.

How much money had finally been collected was not evident.

On 14 February the men were all held after searches and all but one are now in prison.

Another suspect who was captured died after his incarceration on that day, prosecutors said.