Explainer: How thousands in China got infected by brucellosis in one single outbreak

BEIJING ( Reuters) — In a one-off outbreak in northwest China, Brucellose, a flu-like disease, has killed over 6,000 people.

According to Lanzhou's health board, the outbreak in the capital of the province of Gansu was typically attributed to animal contact.

Though the epidemic occurred a year earlier, patients are still handled in hospitals.

Last month, China 's highest legislative authority passed a law creating guidelines and controls on the prevention and management of danger of biosecurity.

What is Brussels? What is Brussels?

Brucellosis is a contagious zoonotic illness, or disease that may transmit to humans in livestock.

It is induced in several countries by a bacterium that affects sheep , goats, pigs and even dogs.

Human beings usually get the disease through the use of tainty items like unpasteurized milk or cheese or through the inhalation of airborne agents by close interaction with contaminated livestock.

According to the International Health Organization, human-to - human infection is exceedingly unusual.

Human signs include fatigue or fever that develops over a number of weeks.

The mortality rate is poor but there will be death due to complications.

Certain indications like knee pain may become persistent and may never disappear.

What did I do in LANZHOU?

The most recent epidemic in Lanzhou was first discovered during a series of student brucellosis examined in November 2019 at the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute.

According to a regional health board, at least 181 persons at the institution were contaminated by the end of December.

In the north-east corner of China, 13 staff working at the veterinary institute screened positivity, says the epidemic also in heilongjiang province. The state media.

According to a study of the state-owned Global Times on Thursday, the government screened 55 725 citizens in the region, of whom 6620 had already been positive for brucellosis.

According to a statement released in September by the Lanzhou Health Board, the outbreak occurred at a biopharmaceutical plant operated by Shanghai-listed China Animal Husbandry Industry Co.

The plant used obsolete designers for brucellosis vaccinations from July to August 2019 and left the bacteria in its waste steam.

The polluted natural gas eventually produced aerosols, which drifted to the vet.


Approximately half a million immigrants are registered worldwide per year, with China usually comprising tens of thousands.

In 2019 , China recorded 44,036 deaths, up from 37,947 deaths a year previously and zero deaths.

In the southwest city of Chongqing in 1905, the first instances recorded in China were.

According to news media, China endured a widespread brucellosis outbreak in the 1950s and 60s.

In pastoral areas of western and northern China, brucellosis is more prevalent.

It is graded under a three-tier structure as a type B infectious disease

Over 10 million cases of infectious diseases, including brucellosis, scarlet fever , dysentery and dengue were registered by China last year.

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