Broadway theaters sound alarm as closure extended thru May 2021

(Reuters) – On Friday, Broadway theaters prolonged the shutdown of the coronavirus to the end of May 2021, which has taken closure of more than a year of one of the main tourist destinations in New York City.

Broadway playgrounds turned dark at the middle of March when the New York Pandemic struck and past reopening dates were unfolded in seeking a way to display live indoor performances with performers and backstage teams operating under harsh circumstances.

"The Music Guy" producers who planned to re-start with Hugh Jackman by May 2021 announced Friday, before February 2022, that they re-established the start date on the program.

The Equity Association called for a heartbreak shutdown and demanded a national research plan and funding from the government.

Mary McColl, Executive Director of the Union, said in a tweet, "My heart breaks for anyone who works on Broadway or relies on this in order to earn their livelihood."

"After six months without employment, all too many people in the business need support," she said.

Any, like the musical adaptation of a Disney film "Golden," also confirmed that they won't reopen. Thirty-one shows were on Broadway before the closure started.

The New York Opera said last month that the entirety of the 2020-21 season has been cancelled and would stay closed until September 2021.

Senator Brad Hoylman of the State of New York demanded financial support for theater shows in Friday's declaration that 100,000 people in New York trust Broadway to receive $14.7 billion in the New York City economy in addition to profits. Their revenue is dependent on Broadway.

"Each bell of warning I'm ringing.

Broadway is faced with the largest contemporary crisis, "said Hoylman.

(Bhargav Acharya reports in Bengaluru; Peter Szekely reports in New York; Jill Serjeant's writings and Marguerita Choy 's reports)