'Jagged Little Pill' musical leads Tony nominations as Broadway remains dark

(Reuters)-Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill" album has made stage adaptations on Thursday, but Broadway theater is already quiet amid a lengthy pandemic outage before the summit of 2021. Nominations to win the annual Tony Awards.

Inspired by the best-selling 1995 record of the born Canadian artist Jagged Little Pill, he earned 15 nods for six actors including star Elizabeth Stanley, for his best musical and nodes.

In December 2019, the rock opera, the topics of which include sexual assaults, substance abuse and women's liberation, began on Broadway but had to finish with the pandemic of coronavirus in New York City, as other live plays, in mid-March.

Closure on Broadway was extended to June 2021 last week.

The annual Tony Awards were also delayed, normally held in June, by this pandemic.

The shorter Broadway season on Thursday indicated a limited number of Tony applicants, and a new date for the ceremony was yet to be announced, much of the time digitally.

"The Musical," based on Baz Luhrmann's 2001 film, won fourteen Tony appointments, including best musical on Thursday.

"We are delighted that we take this opportunity to honor the extraordinary accomplishment of the finest performers during this tough period for so many, especially the thousands that make up the industry behind the scenes," said Carmen Pavlovic, producer of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, in a statement.

'Slave Play,' about anatomy, ethnicity and relationships between races, got 12 nodes to mark the most stage playing nominations in the history of Broadway.

The two-part play "The inheritance," in New York, since the AIDS epidemic a decade, has got eleven nodes.

In recent years Broadway has drawn some of the greatest stars in Hollywood.

Thursday appointments were obtained from Jake Gyllenhaal ("Sea Wall / A Life," "Betrayal") and Laura Linney ("My name is Lucy Barton"). The appointments were made on Thursday.

(Jill Serjeant's report; Diane Craft's editorial)