Trump says he condemns all white supremacists including 'Proud Boys'

(Reuters) - On Thursday, President Donald Trump, after the remarks he made at the first presidential debate this week, denounced all White supremacists and the 'Proud Boys' as the party of hatred.

"I may not know anything about the Proud People, but I do denounce them," said Trump in an interview with the Fox News.

On Tuesday, Trump was challenged to reject "whites and paramilitary parties" and tell them to resign from abuse, which has stifled demonstrations against bigotry in some cities in the U.S. During his discussion with Democratic President Joe-Christian Joe Biden.

Trump asked for a specific name and Biden responded to Proud Boys, which identifies itself as a club of Western chauvinists but is classed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a non-commercial hate party.

"Stand back, proud guys," said Trump.

Many people took the remark as a message of support. This was a direct critique of the party.

Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, Black, claimed Trump was lying and challenged him to change his language.

Trump said Wednesday to White House reporters: "I don't know who the proud boys were," she added, "they must step down.

The President has been making statements for years that his opponents regard as discriminatory or discriminatory.

In 2017, he claimed that "all sides" in Charlottesville / Virginia were responsible for abuse against white nationalists and protestors.

Later he attempted to reverse these remarks.

Trump encouraged Biden to reject Antifa, a mostly unstructured, far-right organization that broadly confronts its members as autoritarian or discriminatory.

The Editorial by Shri Navaratnam and William Mallard (reports by Jeff Mason and Humeyra Pamuk)