Trump says he and first lady tested positive for coronavirus

WASHINGTON (AP) — Early Friday, President Donald Trump, and first-time lady, Melania Trump, screened the coronavirus positive, which is a magnificent sign that deepens the country's turmoil only one month before the president's inauguration.

He and Mrs. Trump have been quarantining. Trump, who spent much of the year playing down the threat of a virus that killed over 205,000 Americans.

The White House doctor said that while he recovers, his duties are expected to continue "without disruption."

However, Trump's diagnosis in Washington would certainly have a destabilizing impact, raising questions about how far the virus has spread across America's top levels.

The White House said the top advisor, who flew with Trump for a week had tested positive, hours before Trump revealed that he had acquired the virus.

"The COVID-19 checked favorably tonight @FLOTUS and I.

We're going to launch our quarantine and regeneration promptly, "tweeted Trump shortly before 1 a.m.

Trump was last seen on Thursday night by reporters who returned to the White House and were not noticeably sick.

Trump is 74 years old and is more likely to experience severe complications from a virus infected nationally by over 7 million people.

The President's doctor confirmed in a letter that Trump and the fifty-year-old first woman, "are still fine at this point" and "will be with them through their treatment in the White House."

The diagnosis is a devastating loss to a president who aggressively seeks to reassure the people in the United States that their pandemic is the greatest.

In the better situations, that would drive him off of the political trail just weeks before the referendum, if he has no indications that may include headache, cough and respiratory issues.

In his race against democrat Joe Biden, Trump's pandémic control was already an important flashpoint, spending a lot of the summer off the campaign trail and on his home in Delaware because of the virus.

Since then Biden has revived a more aggressive campaign programme, albeit with tiny, remote audiences.

He regularly sports a mask, and for Tuesday night's debate Trump ridiculed him.

He may talk at about 200 feet away from me, and he turns up in the best mask I've ever seen." "I don't wear any masks like him, "said Trump of Biden." Every single moment you see him, he has a mask.

The Biden campaign made no public remarks about whether the former Vice-President was screened or if he followed extra protective protocols after he participated during Trump's debate.

Trump was planned for a fundraiser and a further campaign rally on Friday evening in Sanford, Florida, but shortly after 1:00 a.m., the White House announced its updated programme for just one event: a call to "Help COVID-19 for Recognizable Senior Citizens."

The statement from Trump came hours after he announced the diagnosis of the virus on Thursday of Hope Hicks, one of his most loyal and longest-serving aides, was announced. Hicks started to experience slight symptoms on his way home from a rally in Minnesota on Wednesday evening, according to an administration official who talked privately to divulge private knowledge.

Hicks had taken the path to the rally with Trump and other senior staff on board Marine One and Air Force One, and had joined the Chairman in Cleveland on Tuesday's presidential debate with representatives of the Trump family.

Several White House personnel also checked the virus favorably, including Press Secretary of the Vice-Chair Mike Pence, Katie Miller, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien, and a special valet of the President.

However, also though White house employees and supporters became revealed and sickened, the coronavirus has often sparked questions of personal vulnerability. Since Trump appeared earlier this year, it has failed to cooperate with basic recommendations on public health, even those provided by the government, such as using masks and practicing gender distinctions.

"I didn't sense any weakness," he said in May to reporters.

The news was likely to rocket a government that has been already struck with how to safely reopen the planet without pushing the spread of viruses. The White House has access to nearly limitless tools, including continuously providing fast-result samples, and it nevertheless struggled to hold the President healthy.

There are concerns why Trump and his assistants chose to come to work and ride after Hicks were diseased for too long and why he was screened. Trump toured New Jersey Thursday to collect money to introduce participants to the infection.

The assistants of Pence had no immediate statement about whether Trump had checked or approached the vice president.

It is unknown where the Trumps & Hicks got the infection, but Trump seemed to imply, in his Fox interview, that someone in the military or law enforcement had transmitted it.

"It is very frustrating whether you're with the military or law enforcement people, because they come up to you and take you, because they want and hold you, and they're going to comfort you," he added, "and we've given them a very nice job.

Since earlier promising situations, the White House has started to institute a regular screening scheme to screening senior assistance staff for the Administration. Anyone who is close to the President or Vice President, even media, is checked every day.

But analysts in the White House have criticized the procedures for the health and safety from the first days of the pandemic and wondered whether the chief commander was not covered more than that. After public health authorities had warned him, Trump kept holding hands with the tourists and he initialed the testing.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berluscony has been in a hospital last month in a battle against what he termed a 'hellish' outbreak of COWID-19. Trump is far from the first worldwide leader to test positive for the infection, which previously afflicted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While there is no proof at this point that Trump is gravely sick, the positive result poses concerns of what will happen if he were injured because of a disease.

The 25th amendment to the Constitution detail the process by which the Chairman could assert "the authority and the responsibility of" the President. If he wanted to make such an appeal Trump must submit a letter to the Chairman of the Senate, the Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and the President of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Pence was acting president before Tru Grassley of Iowa was named Chairman of the Assembly.

The Vice President and a plurality either of the Cabinet or of some law-making body can even announce that the Chairman is incapable of discharge his or her office powers, in which case Pence will "assume automatically the powers and responsibilities of the Acting Chairperson" unless a formal announcement was rendered in writing to the contrary by Trump.

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