Trump joins growing list of virus-infected world leaders

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — President Donald Trump has screened coronavirus with a select number of contaminated world leaders.

Trump is 74 years old, rendering him more prone to suffer severe problems.

Here's an overview of other politicians afflicted.


The first big global leader confirmed COVID-19 was the British Prime Minister.

After a day after he was admitted for what were considered regular examinations, he was transferred to intensive care in April after his virus symptoms escalated significantly.

Officials said he got oxygen but didn't require a fan.

He later shared his appreciation for saving his life to the National Health Service workers, who should have "passed through some means."


In July, Brazil 's President declared his disease and used it to openly laud and take unproven malaria medicines named hydroxychloroquine, which he advocated as a cure for the usage of COVID-19.

He had been flirting with the virus for months, fluttering social distancing amid colorful marches and welcoming crowds amid presidency trips, sometimes without a mask.


In June, President Honduras revealed that, along with two others who served closely together, he and his wife had tested positive.

The experimental unproven mixture of microdacyn, azithromycin, ivermectin and zinc, which his government advertised as an affordable way to attack the disease, Hernández said, he had begun what he referred to as a "mAIZ."

He was hospitalized in July for a limited period and released.

In addition to increasing appeals for equal access to every vaccine COVID-19, Hernandez requested the UN for his assistance.

Global leaders' gathering: "Should citizens be allowed to die?


The president of Guatemala said in September he checked the virus favorably.

"It's really mild my signs.

I have a lot of bodily issues so far, it hurt like a terrible cold yesterday rather than today. "At a TV speech, the president said.

He was implying that he would be practicing at home. "I don't have fever; I have a slight cough."


In July, the virus isolated the temporary Bolivian president, but she claimed that she felt fine.


In his bid, COVID-19 restored the recently elected President of the Dominican Republic.

Until the nation was voted in July, he spent weeks alone.

The Leader of Irania

Iran, the epicentre, has seen a variety of senior officials tested positive with their first epidemic of coronavirus.

Senior Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri and Massoumeh Ebtekar are among others.

Members of the Cabinet have screened positive.

The virus was for days rejected by Iran in February.

Iran has mostly reopened its economy since failing to shut down, even as cases and deaths increase.

Nasser Karimi of Tehran, Iran and Jon Gambrell of the United Arab Emirates contributed to Associated Press writers in Dubai.