Trump and wife Melania test positive for COVID-19

By Mason Jeff

(Reuters)-United States of America

On Friday President Donald Trump told the White House that he was having positive tests with his wife Melania on COVID-19 and going into quarantine.

The president said in a late-night tweet "We'll start our quarantine and recovery process immediately.

Trump is 74, both because of his age and because he is deemed overweight, at high risk for the lethal virus.

During his time in government, he stayed in good health but can not practice consistently or adopt a proper lifestyle.

In its early stages, Trump played the virus and repeatedly predicted that it will leave.

Over 200,000 people died of COVID-19 alone in the United States , especially hard hit elderly people and those with prior conditions.

The President seldom wears a mask and has frequently made others ridiculous, including Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Health experts agree face shielding is necessary to deter the transmission of the virus.

Trump's approach to the pandemic was harshly questioned by Biden and he claimed to control himself.

During the recent weeks prior to elections on Nov. 3, amid alerts from practitioners in public health about events with large audiences, Trump, who is frequently screened for the coronavirus who contributes to COVID-19, held rallies with thousands of citizens.

The President forecast the conclusion of the pandemic on Thursday night.

Shortly after that the reports came about that the virus had been confirmed positive by Hope Hicks, a leading consultant and valued support.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Hicks traveled with the chairman at Air Force One.

The evolution drastically affects the presidential contest.

On Friday, the White House released a new timetable that didn't involve Trump's scheduled travel to Florida.

On Friday in Michigan, Biden will campaign.

Both nations are swing states that could determine the elections to the United States.

On Tuesday, in the first presidential debate, Trump, criticized for questioning the efficacy of wearing facial covers, produced a mask out of the pocket and said, "I wear masks if needed. I wear masks if needed."

He then mocked the Biden for constantly wearing: "I don't wear masks like him. Any time you see him, he has a mask. He can talk over 200 feet away from them.

Trump has frequently organized events around the nation to enthuse him about his candidacy for the former vice president, who has escaped campaigning for several voters.

In his fantastic campaign rallys, Trump has taken pride in audiences who have neither masks nor social distance to wear.

The future of S&P 500 has dropped by 1.8 per cent after the news in Asian trade which has triggered earlier declines as risk barometers such as the Australian dollar and the Treasury have dropped.

"I think markets are expected to lean towards a perception that Biden is likely to be the winner of the election," Naoya Oshikubo, Senior Economist at Sumitomo Mitsui's Asset Management, said. "It wasn't possible to close the distance after the first conversation ....

"I am concerned that, since he got the virus himself, he would become more hostile to China."

Two weeks after the COVID-19 was awarded by late April, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent recovery.

In March after his wife was diagnosed with coronavira, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau entered quarantine.

After being infested in July, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called it "a tiny flu."

(Jeff Mason's report; Hideyuki Sano 's additional report; William Mallard's editing)