Top Trump aide Hope Hicks tests positive for coronavirus

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite spending time next to the president, Hope Hicks, one of President Donald Trump's closest aides, tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to a public administration official who talked privately to share confidential details on fitness, Hicks, who works as Trump councilor and flew with him for a rally Wednesday tested positive.

She has become Trump's nearest assistant so far to test positive.

The White House has not replied immediately to many concerns about the last trial of Trump and why he and other workers who have spent time with Hicks in recent days are asked to quarantine.

Yet Trump does not seem to plan to do that.

On Thursday, he went to New Jersey for a fund raising function, but at the last minute he was substituted by other helpers with his Social Networks operator Dan Scavino and Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary who were first set to accompany him.

The positive test often recalls, even though Trump has unsuccessfully attempted to claim that it no longer constitutes a threat, that the virus tends to propagate.

Ever since he began, the White House and its campaign have played down the danger and failed to stick to the fundamental standards of public health, even those provided by its own government, such as the wearing of masks and social isolation.

Instead, Trump kept organizing political events drawing thousands of fans.

More than 200,000 Americans have been killed and more than 7 million people have been contaminated in the world.

White House Speaker Judd Deere said in a speech, "The President takes the protection and wellbeing of himself and those that are working really seriously for him and the Americans."

"White House Operations interacts with the Physicist to ensure that all preparations and policies are focused upon existing CDC instructions and best practices for reducing sensitivity to COVID 19, both on and when the Chairman flies as far as necessary," said Deere.

Hicks also flown to Minnesota on Wednesday, then on Air Force One on Tuesday evening's first presidential debate in Cleveland many fois this week, including on board Marine One, the presidential helicopter.

Hicks, one of the most reliable assists of the President, formerly worked as the Marketing Chief of the White House.

Bloomberg Reports reported her positive test originally.

She did not answer a comment request.

The infection was positive for many White House workers, including Katie Miller, the Press Secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, Robert O'Brien, National Security Advisor, and one of the President's personal valets.

The White House set up a regular test regime for senior help staff after past promising cases near to the Chairman.

Others, like editors, are often checked every day, who are in near proximity to the President and Vice President.

While the Disease Centers agree that anyone in direct touch with someone with the COVID-19 quarantine should be deemed important personnel for 14 days. White House workers are often considered vital.

The rules of the CDC for uncovered, essential staff allow them to return to work where they take protection, including the use of a mask at all times and social distancing before returning to work.