Potty training: NASA tests new $23M titanium space toilet

The first space potty in NASAs in decades — a $23 million titanium toilet best built for women — is not so dry at the International Space Station until it even hits the earth.

It's crammed into a container ship from Wallops Island, Virginia, which is expected to blow late Thursday.

It is almost half the size of the two Russia-built space toilets, only under 100 pounds (45 Kilograms) and just 28 inches (71 centimeters) wide.

It is more camper-based than NASA-Orion capsules, which in a couple of years can transport astronauts through the moon.

Residents of the station are going to try it for a few months.

The bathroom is open for daily company, when the shakedown goes well.

As astronauts are now being released by SpaceX and Boeing less than a year after the first team, it needs more toilets.

The latest stand is adjacent to the former on the U.S. side of the outpost.

More to the men are the ancient toilets.

NASA also tilted the seat and made it taller in order to properly fit women.

The latest form can improve the role of the astronauts for No. 2, says project manager Johnson Space Center, Melissa McKinley.

"It's a wonderful deal to clear up a disaster.

No misses or escape, we don't like, "she added.

Simply claim, in weightlessness, everything is floating.

The funnels were also revamped as regards No. 1.

Women will urinate using the expanded and scooped-out funnels when sitting in a dresser to poop concurrently, McKinley said.

Until now, for female astronauts, it was one or the other, she said.

Like the former resources in space, air suction eliminates pollution, not water and gravity.

The urine obtained from the latest toilet is diverted to NASA's long-standing recycling scheme for drinking and cooking water.

In order to resist all acid in urine pre-treatment, titanium and other strong alloy were selected for the current toilet.

It may sound easy to go to the space toilet, but "often it is really complicated" without any seriousness, said the NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, commander of SpaceX's second team, on Oct 31 of the Kennedy Space Center mission.

Though it is not that complicated to use the old version, small design improvements will make a difference, said NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, a former resident at the SpaceX crew.

"Trust me, I have been heading to the bathroom in the open because it is important to know how to do that," she said earlier this week to The Associated Press.

With the next SpaceX launch, the average population of the space station may vary from six up to seven, particularly as non-professionals including tourists start to appear early next year.

Six months typically remain for astronauts.

NASA last requested a fresh toilet for two weeks on the space shuttle in the early 1990s.

The firm contracts the new iteration with Collins Aerospace; the company even operates on the shuttle pots.

The shipping of Northrop Grummman's Cygnus capsule is also 8,000-pound (3.600-Kilogram): air tanks to patch the leak from a minor space station; radish seeds for greenhouse cultivation; a video camera with 360-degree VR shots for you.

The newest serum wrinkle of Estee Lauder is potentially the most special payload.

For a picture shoot outside of the country, part of NASA 's drive for opening the final boundary to marketing, industry and leisure, this is a $128,000 cosmetics agency.

Don't depend on fragrant aromas to fight the scent of the toilet, though.

The serum is perfume-free and the ten bottles will stay screened until early next year.

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