Much of U.S. Southwest left parched after monsoon season

(AP) — Towns throughout the USA. FLAGSTAFF Arizona.

This year's driest mountain season, some with trace or no rain, was recording in Southwest.

The seasonal atmosphere from mid-Juni to Wednesday provides a lot of optimism for the cooling of areas like Las Vegas and Phoenix, for rain and cloud covering.

As last year, however, it was mostly a dud, which parched the area.

It was over 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) of rain from the usual 8.41 cm (20.1 cm) of Flagstaff's driest season ever.

Las Vegas reported the lowest rain in 1944 — just a trickle.

Also in 1959, Las Vegas broke a milestone of no measurable precipitation for consecutive days.

It was Thursday at 164 days.

The dry moonsoon season in Phoenix was not, but Phoenix had the hottest ever, the average temperature reported was 96 ° C (35.6 ° C) above the 2011 national weather record. The average temperature was 1 ° C.

Phoenix has moved to a record of 100 degrees or above for most days (37.8 celsius) or the year.

It's at 132 until now.

Yuma had little rain on the boundary between Arizona and California.

One of the driest monsoon seasons has been reported in New Mexico, Farmington and Roswell.

Less than half the average rain was present at Albuquerque.

Southwest people talked about what seemed like an endless season.

Heat and rain mean that people spend more time indoors, winding roads are powdery, there is an elevated chance of wildfires, lakes are less complete and thirsty animals look for water.

Ranchers are now finding lush pastures for cattle to graze more difficultly.

Some sold cattle early or wanted to quit the business.

According to recent US estimates, all of Arizona , New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and the overwhelming majority of Nevada are drought.

Thursday Drought Monitor chart showing the conditions of the rangeland.

In certain areas, there were also no fire limits in the national forests.

In the Phoenix region Paul Carpenter grew up and relocated with his wife and two children back in May.

He admired the earthy scent, which recalls the rain, the dust walls that pass across the areas of the desert, lightning storms and rainfall.

"It's rolling around and for 20 minutes, maybe an hour, you get heat relief.

It's a power ball, it's a lot better, moisture in the breeze really, "he told us.

"I've tried to sell my wife in Canada the one item."

He said she's still very cynical.

Danielle Kosten wants the monsoon to open the doors in her house northwest of Phoenix, to encourage some breezes to circulate and cool down.

The rainfall was deceiving, she said, in the Monsoon season, but not unforeseen.

"I think it's very natural, somewhat climate change, a mixture of the two," she said. "I sound like that.

It doesn't take widespread rain in the mountain season.

In order to draw humidity, high pressure must be at the correct position for wind.

This is more aligned, but for 2020 it did not happen.

The next winter would definitely not make up for the rainfall shortfall with an predicted weather trend in La Nina, which is normally driier in the Southwest

"The citizens are definitely wondering, 'Will this be like that?

"There is no such thing as a sure thing," said meteorologist Dan Le Blanc in Flagstaff.