Messages for sick Trump split between 'get well' and 'told you so'

— Get nice U.S. texts. (Reuters)

On Friday after he and his wife screened the coronavirus enthusiastically from international capitals, President Donald Trump had no sympathy for a leader whose approach to the pandemic has been heavily criticized.

Trump, who could be voted out on Nov 3, rejects charges that the outbreak's seriousness has been diminished because the world's largest country is still the hardest affected, comprising about 20 % of the world's death toll which has dropped over a million this week.

The niceties of Trump's 74-year-old and his wife Melania 's diplomatic replies have been more checked to COVID-19, whereas governments worldwide have measured the effect of next month 's presidency.

Every day. No matter how we work, "said European Council President Charles Michel in a message, hoping that the First Few of the USA will rebound soon." COVID-19 is a war we'll always have to combat.

However, sadly, some of the news was laid with stinging barbs by Washington 's leadership after the global health crise.

"The virus would not spark anybody, even those of cynicism," said Gabriel Attal, French Government spokesperson. "I wish him a fast recovery.

The bitter satisfaction in Chinese state-controlled media did not hide if one of the leading NATO alliances sounded quite laughable, after news was announced that its country's main foe had entered COVID 's sick list.

The Head of the Chinese World Times newspaper, Hu Xijin, tweeted, was "President Trump and the first lady paid the reward of his game of play COVID-19.

The news reveals that the pandemic condition in the United States is serious.

It would have an impact on Trump's and the United States' pictures and may influence its reelection negative.

Only 2 weeks ago Trump advised the United Nations General Assembly that China should be kept to account for the release of "this epidemic on the planet," when the virus first appeared at the end of last year.

However, just two days earlier, the political opponent Joe Biden excoriated Trump on his treatment of the situation in his home during the intense presidential debate.

After assuring Americans of the "complete protection of the danger of the epidemic circulating in China" in January, Trump tested his reputation in April by proposing the idea that disinfectant could be injected to clean the virus. In February, the virus vanished like a miracle.

The official English language regular China Daily, piles on: The China Daily

"The danger has been played down by Trump, the White House and his campaign, since the beginning of this year, and they have failed to obey basic rules on public health — including those of their own administration — for example, wearing masks in public or carrying out social distances.

In Israel and Taiwan, two governments which cherish their friendship with the USA, the warmth and consideration for Trump was more abundant.

"Seeing President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, like the million of the Israelis, Sara and I would like to wish our friends a complete and fast recovery," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, referring to his wife, posted.

"Taiwan's Government and citizens stand with the United States at this moment of experimentation," said Taiwan's Minister of International Affairs in a tweet.

(Writing by Raissa Kasolowsky; Simon Cameron-Moore)