Investors likely relieved about networks calling U.S. presidential election for Biden

The Krauskopf by Lewis and Koh Gui Qing

NEW YORK (Reuters) — Markets are welcomed with the certainty that the US presidential election will take place Saturday as major networks have proclaimed Democrat Joe Bidden to be a reassurance after days of a nation seeing mixed information about who will attend the next White House.

Reuters called for the presidency of Biden, with news outlets and polling stations like the Associated Press, NBC, and Edison Analysis, leaving no uncertainty that he had secured sufficiently voting in the College of Electoral Officers to succeed.

"Markets are fantastic news for Biden," said Christopher Stanton, Sunrise Capital Partners' Chief Investment Officer on Saturday.

"We are just too fatigued from the trump messages from the whipsaw."

The Republican National Committee is seeking to collect a minimum of $60 million to finance judicial encounters brought by Trump on election outcomes, said Reuters Friday. Biden's opponent, the Republican President Donald Trump, vowed that he was to contest the results, claiming his party would file further lawsuits on Monday.

And if the wars were futile, investors were still concerned that he might nominate the people to his cabinet and whether the U.S. Senate would go to Republicans or Democrats until the election.

It is also predicted that a Republican Senate will examine Biden's cabinet decisions and push him to make moderate choices.

For example , investors would follow carefully Biden's choice for Treasury Secretary, who is likely to be included in any fiscal coronavirus relief that is discussed with Congress, with the markets locked on the potential for a reward plan in recent weeks.

According to an individual with direct information, Biden brought Gary Gensler, a longtime regulator in the derivatives sector, to consult on a reform strategy for financial company regulation.

For months, investors have worried that if a disputed outcome will end in confusion about the outcomes that drag on for weeks the worst case in the markets will happen, meaning that once Trump became more conscious of the challenges, the asset prices will shock.

Big U.S. stock markets posted their highest weekly increases since April this week, as investors wager that Biden would prevail and the Republicans retain the Senate, a scenario that would prevent significant tax rises or regulative tightening that pinch businesses.

However, for now investors were pleased that after 4 stressful days on Tuesday after the polling day they eventually called the election.

Rick Meckler, partner of Cherry Lane Investments, said, "It seemed possible. That's what business wants, it contributes to a spike."

(Lauren Tara LaCapra; Alden Bentsley's editing and Grant McCool's report by Lewis Krauskopf and Koh Gui Qing; Ira Iosevashvili & Megan Davies' additional reporting)