Breonna Taylor grand jury recording slated to be released

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — An audio tape was set to be issued on Friday of grand jury hearings that concluded in no felony charges against police authorities over deadly shooting Breonna Taylor.

A Louisville court held that the substance of the hearings could be released by midday, normally kept in secrecy.

The file was not objected by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, whose office was in charge of prosecuting police behavior during Taylor's blast.

His office demanded a week extension to compose personal details from the paper on Wednesday until the public learned it.

Two days are granted by the judge.

Cameron, the Republican and first African-American Attorney General, has been blamed for not chargeing the officers for the murder of Taylor after last week's announcement.

The police used a prescription warrant on 13 March to access the apartment in Taylor's Louisville and shot at her after the boyfriend of Taylor shot a fire.

Five bullets were fired on the 26 year old ambulance doctor.

There was no substance detected by the officers.

Cameron claimed two of the officers firing at Taylor's weapons were justified because the boyfriend of Taylor had firing on them.

The boyfriend said he was thinking somebody might break in.

In Louisville and across the world, protesters took to the streets seeking more accountabilities.

Activists, the families of Taylor and one of the main jurors called for the publication of the grand jury file.

In the register of public court of dismissed Officer Brett Hankison the audio recording of the jury hearings will be added.

For shooting into a nearby flat with citizens inside Hankison three charges of wild risk is requested by the grand jury.

Nobody's been struck.

On Monday, he pled not culpable.

Cameron claimed there was no definitive proof of Taylor getting struck by one of Hankison's bullets.

The first woman in control of the Metro Police Force in Louisiana, Ivette Gentry, was sworn in as Acting Director in Thursday.

Gentry said "I realize that I'm interim," on the Facebook page of the department after a little ceremony.

"But I'm something separate from the reality so certain people are the first woman to take the title so I'm not going to make so quick."

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