'Lady Ninja' pummels assailant who attacked elderly friend

— Your martial arts skills might not be what they were once but you're not yet messing with Lady Ninja. LOS ANGELES (AP)

Officials claim it is a lesson that a California man has acquired from shooting at a Fontana apartment complex regarding an 82-year-old lady.

Lorenza Marrujo, a 67-year-old woman acquaintance, leapt into the fray and here it was all gone by with a sharp punch, a bent finger motion and some strong elbows to the sternum.

Police came with one of his knees on his stomach and the other on his shoulders and noticed him on the concrete.

Marrujo was in the third-story apartment of the house, when she heard screams from the first floor of a neighbor's apartment and went to inquire. She liked to be called "Lady Ninja" and had a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

She said there was a man who attacked Elizabeth McCray, her 82-year-old friend.

The smaller five-foot-9-, "170-pound attacker," did not hesitate to mix Marrujo with his weight of just 4-foot-10, about 100 pounds.

Marrujo told the Associated Press, Wednesday, "I brought him down with a kick under the back of his knees.

"I'm gone, 'ouch,' and it really wounded him, so I bowed him in the sternum."

He screamed in sorrow and begged her to avoid bending her fingers as she held him eventually to the floor and suggested he would "give up."

Donald Robert Prestwood, 59 years old, was in custody on Wednesday's felony assault inquiry, according to San Bernardino County custody reports.

Police officer Jennie Venzor of Fontana informed the authorities that he could face further charges and that he will continue investigating.

No court date was scheduled and the fact that Prestwood had retained an attorney was not immediately known.

Soon before, Marrujo told us, Prestwood had been drunk at her place and claimed he was searching for his girlfriend, staying once in the same apartment complex.

She claimed she chased a baseball bat away from him.

She found that he was shaking her up and beating her with a cane when she went to help her friend.

She said of the beating she gave him. "I hit him a little and I was so mad.

Marrujo, once a security officer, told her that about 40 years earlier she started to learn martial arts for personal defense. Nevertheless she worried about her loss of struggle during the assault.

She said, adding that next time, she would step up her exercises to be more trained. "I am becoming rusty and I do not need to be rusty."

However, McCray's been impressed.

She told Wednesday as she was healing from her bumps and bruises, "I don't believe she took control of him, but she was a buzzing boom.

The policeman was still pleased, but they cautioned that calling and having experts manage it in certain situations is much better.

"But it's turned out in this situation, because she rescued the life of her mate," the Associated Press told Venzor.

"She 's small, like four-feet-10, maybe one hundred kilograms," noted the soldier.

"But," said Venzor, "she 's powerful." "It is powerful."