Tory Lanez charged with felony assault in Megan Thee Stallion shooting

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On 12 July, after Megan Thy Stallion claims it shot her in the foot, Tory Lanez faces criminal firearms and attack allegations related to his capture.

In addition to the first allegations at the time of his indictment for transporting a loaded, unregistered weapon in a truck, according the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, the artist (the real name Daystar Peterson) is also charged with assaulting a semi-automatic weapon.

The D.A. in a resolution involving the charges.

He further notes that he "faced with the weapons claim and personally had been severely wounded in his body." Lanez could face almost twenty-three years in jail if accused of being tried on parole.

He is due to be arraigned on 13 October.

For comment on the new fee, EW has notified the officials for Lanez and Megan.

While Megan wasn't called a suspect by the district attorney's office she claimed in August that Lanez fired her in her Instagram Live.

According to the D.A, on an SUV in Hollywood Hilles, the 12 July shooting was the result of an altercation between Lanez and a '24-year-old survivor.'

After the woman had got out of her vehicle, Lanez was charged with "shooting and hurting her multiple times." Megan said she was rushed to a hospital immediately after the attack, where her doctors had extracted bullet pieces from her foot.

While Lanez was largely silent for months regarding the case, on 25 September a 17-way mixtape named Daystar released by the Toronto rapper, which disputes the claims with lines such as "How to fire your foot, do not touch bones or tendons," was released. The Toronto rapper

Since Lanez and his staff asked for a fake account around the shoot in August, Megan was mostly still.

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