Anchorage mayor resigns over texting scandal with TV reporter

By Rosen Yereth

ANCHORAGE (Translated by Reuters) – On Tuesdays after he was suspected of writing inappropriate notes to an underage teenager and local TV reporter, Big Ethan Berkowitz, one of Alaska 's leading Democrats resigned.

Berkowitz has denied a text to the minors, but admitted that she had a "consensual, unsuited texting contact" with FOX / ABC journalist Maria Athens. Berkowitz was elected as the mayor of the Anchorage in 2015.

The mayor declared his resignation in a written statement: "My resignation was a product of inacceptable personal behaviour and my ability to execute my responsibilities in compliance with the emphasis and the confidence necessary."

"I know my action has done my family, my staff, city workers and community citizens a major harm, and I am incredibly sorry that," said Berkowitz. "We've been very sorry.

Athens suspected Berkowitz, 58, of transmitting sex messages and photographs to at least one young child, before the transparent controversy involving Berkowitz begins.

Athens, 41, had a picture that Berkowitz had seen of part of his buttocks visible, which she claimed showed was the bare back.

She was detained on Friday after getting into an argument outside her place of work. Athens never broadcast her news.

He acknowledges on Monday that he and Athens had had "a big lapse in sentence" years earlier and participated in "an unacceptable consensus-based message relationship." Berkowitz refuted the charges of delivering a lewd message to minors on Friday, and called the country "unwell."

According to the resignation letter, Berkowitz's last day in office will be Oct. 23.

The Chairman of the Anchorage Assembly shall serve as Interim Mayor according to municipal rules until next April a new Mayor is elected in the regular elections scheduled to take place in the area.

(Yereth Rosen's survey at Anchorage; Dan Whitcomb's and Gerry Doyle 's report)