SKorea worries about missile shown in NKorea military parade

SEOUL , South Korea — South Korea urged Sunday, though raising questions about the North's disclosing of a new, alleged long-range missile during a military parade, to make commitments to its previous disarmament promises. South Korea

North Korea paraded a number of armed devices, including two rockets, which were first announced to a international audience at celebrations celebrating the 75th anniversary of its governing party in Pyongyang on Saturday.

One seemed to be a ballistic intercontinental missile larger than any established ICBM in the North, and another presumably would be an improved missile that could be launched from submarines.

Although some analysts believe that they could be mock-ups of emerging warheads, their revelations indicate that North Korea has been constantly pressing for expanded weapons potential in a nuclear policy stalemate with the U.S.

South Korea's Minister of Defense said on Sunday he was alleged to have shared his fear that "North Korea unveiled the missiles like what has been accused of being a modern long range ballistic missile."

A separate statement from the South Korean Foreign Ministry encouraged North Korea to return to talks to advance its previous contribution to the denuclearization and peace of the Korean Peninsula.

The council members of South Korea, after an emergency meeting of the National Security Council, said on Saturday, they would begin evaluating the strategical importance of South Korea 's defensive capability structures.

The ties between the Koreas appear to be fraught in the middle of Pyongyang-Washton nuclear diplomacy.

During a military parade address, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned him that if confronted but ignored overt criticism of Washington, he would totally mobilize its nuclear power.

Kim's own ban on nuclear and long-distance missile research reveals that he also needs the prospects of diplomacy with the United States alive.

But some analysts claim that after the US presidential election in November he is finally undertaking a big arms test to improve his influence in the new future talks with the US.