Mainland China reports 21 new COVID-19 cases vs 15 a day earlier

BEIJING ( Reuters) — The National Health Agency announced 21 new recorded coronavirus cases on Oct. 10, up from 15 the previous day.

In a briefing, the National Health Commission stated that all recent reports contained imported diseases from travelers from abroad.

From 39 a day ago, the number of new asymptomatic cases not as confirmed by China has fallen to 23.

They have always been imported.

Qingdao Town registered three new asymptomatic cases on Sunday in eastern Shandong Province, connected by experts to Qingdao Chest Hospital, which is partly intended to receive imported infections, municipal officials said in a statement.

Qingdao's hospital has been closed down, as well as the central hospital's emergency room and the houses where the three citizens are staying.

It has began testing for nucleic acid to classify their connections.

The number of reported infections in mainland China was 85,557, although the death toll remained 4,634.

(Eve Wu's article, Judy Hua and Ryan Woo; Clarence Fernández' editor's report)