Extremists in Somalia kill 8 army soldiers, says official

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP)—Endless eight soldiers have been killed by radical Somalian rebels on the southern embushes in the region, a military officer said.

Two other soldiers are missing, Colonel Ahmed Hassan said Thursday after an assault on a military convoy moving from Afoye to Wanlaweyn in the Lower Shabelle region.

Al-Shabab in Somalia, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, assumed credit for the attack.

At least 25 soldiers were killed by the militant party and an assertion denied by the Somali army.

Fighters from Al-Shabab also assault soldiers on major roads from Mogadishu and surrounding regions to Mogadishu.

The most recent assault came after the intelligence office in Somalia reported it had confiscated approximately 80 tons of sulfuric acid and blocked the drug from being transported into the Al-Shabab territories for the manufacture of explosives.

According to the intelligence department, many individuals participating in the smuggling were arrested.