Hospitalisation risk 64% higher with UK coronavirus variant: Danish study

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) — A Danish report showed that the probability of hospitalization of people first diagnosed in Great Britain infected with a more infectious form of coronavirus is higher, the national Serum Institute said on Wednesday.

Of the 2,155 individuals with the B117 variant in the Institute's report, 128 were hospitalized, a pace 64% higher than people with other variants, it states.

The results follow a related analysis in Great Britain at the beginning of this month, the Institute said in a statement.

Last week, Denmark led the B117 version and accounted for almost two-thirds of all new infections, compared to less than 5% at the start of the year.

Denmark is a forefront in genome sequencing used for study of the coronavirus genetic material in order to determine variants.

(Jacob Gronholt-report; Pedersen's Mark Heinrich's editing)