Angelina Jolie calls for the spike in domestic abuse during the coronavirus pandemic to be a transition moment

Angelina Jolie has published a domestic abuse article.

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Angelina Jolie has written a Time essay outlining a housekeeping issue.

She quoted statistics in a new COVID 19 study by United Nations Secretary-General that illustrate how harm has increased to women and children, poverty and genital mutilation and child marriages.

Jolie also claimed that while it's not absolutely at fault for the coronavirus pandemic, this is "the new reason" for not progressing.

She also said the "back to the status quo before the pandemic" would not be enough, and further help and resources for survivors of abuse and abuse would need to be given.

"The basic values of democracy would not be betrayed by the use of our power to preserve and uphold women's rights at a period when they are being challenged," Jolie said.

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Time 's article on how domestic abuse incidents have escalated against women since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, was written by Angelina Jolie.

Jolie listed a recent COVID 19 Study from the UN Secretary-General which shows that 15 millions more women and girls have suffered harm every three months during global locks and that "a further 47 million women have been pushed into severe pauvreté."

In addition , the study expects two million more incidents of female genital mutilation globally by 2030 and 13 million more child marriages.

Jolie wrote: "The possibility without a pandemic's 'decade' without development of women's rights is unbearable and should not be understood.

"The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights has more than half a century been guaranteeing fair rights for all women, though some countries do neglect civil rights, security and freedoms, but others are founded on such thin pillars that the pandemic seems to be able to swept them away."

Insider's Sarah Al-Arshani stated that the August Radiology paper reported that "the proportion of physical violence in comparison to verbal or emotional violence was 80 % higher in 2020 than the three-year combination."

Domestic abuse incidents nationwide were rising early in the pandemic, with several police forces having the amount of reports obtained with "double-digit percentage rises."

Psychologist Perpetual Neo, who deals with women who rebound from abusive ties, told Insider that this is partially because toxic dynamics are more noticeable now.

Victims in the near vicinity have long been stuck behind those doors than ever before.

In the pandemic domestic abuse has spread in all areas of the planet.

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Jolie clarified that whilst the pandemic of coronavirus is not solely responsible for these numbers, it is "the new reason" that little improvement can be achieved.

Even before lockdowns started, she claimed that nearly one in three women were expected to "beaten, assaulted, or exploited in their whole lives."

She also claimed we exist in an age of quantic and artificial intelligence.

However, in spite of women's human rights, including access to schooling, voting, power over their bodies and fair wages, the society remains outdated.

She stated that there is insufficient investment in services of sexual and sexual exploitation.

Jolie said that "continuing to restrict or undo women's rights will contribute to a more insecure and fractured environment, with more migrants and growing conflicts.

"Women shouldn't be the only voices of this struggle; males have to rise up." It's almost like an affront to our beliefs.

She said that this is not a "political problem," and that the "back to the state of affairs before the pandemic" is not enough.

Rather, she demanded further resources and programs for trauma-exposed survivors and adolescents, as well as "a accountability mechanism" which will have to apply to nations, including Afghanistan where the United States "knowingly has engaged in a political process that has united Afghan people."

"The basic values of democracy would not be betrayed by the use of our power to preserve and uphold women's rights at a period when they are being challenged," Jolie said.

"Seeing the horizons of girls shrinking in the pandemic we didn't think enough to want to avoid them, even though it was still aware to be growing up in the unpairing and cruel country, it also will send a message everywhere."

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