Dutch govt bans New Year's Eve fireworks to help hospitals

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — After Friday, the Dutch government declared that it will forbid the selling and usage of much of the fireworks a year shaded by the coronavirus pandemic will not finish with its normal bang on the Netherlands.

The Netherlands typically celebrates New Year's Eve with a fireworks festival that draws thousands of spectators from their homes at about midnight, to spark rockets and fire craftsmen.

But it is still one of the busiest days of the year in clinics that handle pyrotechnics-injured individuals.

Last year 1,300 individuals were admitted to the hospital or physician for the New Year's Eve festivities for fireworks-related accidents.

The firework ban in Dutch 2020 is meant to relieve the pressure on hospitals still swamped by COVID-19 patients.

"All of us applauded health employees in the spring.

We support our first responders at a coming New Year's Eve without beginning fireworks," said Sticije van Veldhoven, Minister for Water Infrastructure.

In order to better offset the expenses of the retail inventory, the government also announced a EUR 40 million (47 million dollars) incentive package.

Just the lightest fireworks are approved, such as portable sparklers.