'X-Files', 'Lost' in Mickey's clubhouse as Disney+ Star lands in Europe, Canada

(Reuters) – The Walt Disney Co streaming service said Tuesday that Disney+ would be carrying "Lost" "Family Guy" and other tracks from all studios to audiences in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Star, which is followed by the Disney+ home screen by Pixar, Marvel, and others, will feature more advanced content, including the "Grey's Anatomy" and "The X-Files" TV shows, as well as "Pretty Woman" "Die Hard 2" and "Moulin Rouge" movies.

Streaming services companies have increased their offerings and expanded into further markets as people caught up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic shift to streaming entertainment to amuse themselves and their friends.

The corporation announced in a statement that Disney+ Star will be released in new markets such as Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea in 2021.

The brand will be introduced as a standalone Star+ subscription service in Latin America.

Disney+ has introduced a new parental control scheme and the possibility of inserting a PIN to lock accounts that have access to adult content, with all features expected to be internationally accessible.

Warner Media reported earlier in February that its new HBO Max video streaming service, which includes titles such as "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Love Life" will debut at the end of June in 39 regions spanning Latina and the Caribbean.

Netflix Inc., which in one year more subscribers than ever before in 2020, plans to deliver more than 70 films to its U.S. customers this year.

(Juby Babu's report in Bengaluru; Devika Syamnath editing)