Doctors in England to get extra flu vaccine supplies

LONDON ( Reuters) — Extra doses of flu vaccine from this winter must be made accessible to English doctors to support lower healthcare burden in the light of an increased number of cases of coronavirus.

The Royal College of GPs wrote earlier this month to Matt Hancock, Minister of Health, for the reassurance that the dosage of the vaccine would be enough to satisfy demand.

The health ministry said that doctors would be distributing own-stock vaccines and would then be able to position orders from mid-October on additional supplies from public stock to be shipped in November.

The vaccinations would be made compulsory for at-risk populations such as 65s and over, pregnant and pre-existing mothers, as well as health and social support providers.

Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England, said: "Whether you are in a qualifying community or if you are the head of health care or social care profession, flu vaccine will help protect you and your loving ones this winter; it is critical at a time when COVID19 is a further danger.

(Andrew MacAskill's report; Stephen Addison's editing)