Israel's Redhill Biopharma signs manufacturing deal for potential COVID-19 treatment

(Reuters)-The Israeli drug administrator said on Tuesday that Redhill Biopharma Ltd has signed a manufacturing agreement with two companies in Europe and Canada to increase development of their applicants for coronavirus therapy.

The business announced that its groundbreaking cancer medication opaganib is being extended to satisfy the likely demand after it has been licensed for use by emergency patient COVID-19.

No words or name of the suppliers is revealed to Redhill.

Opaganib is currently being studied in patients with serious COVID-19 pneumonia in two midphase studies, one in the USA and another in six nations, including Italy, Russia , the United Kingdom and Mexico, which have been accepted for registration.

Redhill said that future funds to promote larger opaganib development had been addressed with the US government agencies.

(This story is corrected in paragraph 1 on Tuesday)

(Bengaluru study by Mrinalika Roy; Shinjini Ganguli study)