Who are the Latinos who could be in Biden's Cabinet?

The typical speculation on who can be tapped to work in the Cabinet of President-elect Joe Biden has started and Latin names are mixed.

President Donald Trump has no Latinos in his cabinet to launch his presidency.

Two of them finally worked, former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who quit in the light of turmoil and incumbent Jovita Carranza Small Business Administrator.

They have not overlapped their names.

66% of Latinos have opted for Biden according to the exit polls.

Their votes were crucial for his electoral alliance, which earned him the win to flip Arizona and to retain Nevada.

Even if Biden lost Florida, a state with Latin voters won by Trump, Biden was 53% disrupted by the Hispanics in the world, up from 45%.

With that funding, Biden wishes to appoint no less than five Latino men in his government, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, an alliance of 42 Latino organizations.

He had a total of six Latinos in his cabinet during the two terms of President Barack Obama.

A second committee was created to include the members of the Biden transition team for the other Hispanics to be used in the federal pipeline and to provide cabinet titles.

The party is the Leadership and Strategy Coalition for Latinx with co-chairs from California, Colorado and Texas.

The transfer team from Biden would not disclose the names of the people considered.

But Latino organizations and politicians are sending lists to give transitional participants their priorities to ensure a wide variety of Hispanics are considered.

The NHLA also participated in the selection of future cabinet ministers and other roles with the congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Image: California Gov. And CA Atttorney General Becerra Attend News Conference Reacting to Trump Revoking State's Carbon Waiver.

California Solicitor General Xavier Becerra, as U.S. Attorney General and as director of the Homeland Security Department, are several of the names that appear in negotiations between various parties.

Becerra, 24 years in the House, guided the Democratic challenges to Trump's executive orders and policies in the field of wellness, weapons regulation, environmental policy and more.

Also listed for Attorney General was Tom Perez, president of the Democratic National Committee.

He worked under President Barack Obama as director of the Civil Rights Section of the Department of Justice and oversaw the government's cracks on corrupt police officers.

Image: Semansky Patrick (AP) Tom Perez Image:

His new role as the Leader of the Democratic Party will find it impossible to slip in the general job of the Attorney General because of his partisan work.

For Labor secretary, Perez was also mentioned.

Another name is recommended for the Secretary of State Security Agency, Ali Mayorkas, longtime DHS deputy secretary and former Citizenship and Immigration Services chief under the Obama administration.

Louis Caldera, the only Latino military secretary, is another term of DHS secretary.

He was also the chief of the Obama Military Office of the White House.

The chairman of the House of the Committee of Human Capital and Progression, Mr. Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, indicated that the Department of the Interior should be selected, while for the Department of Health and Human Services or Energy Gov. Michelle Lujan Graisham, of New Mexico, who manages the health and aging departments of her State.

Biden said he would choose a professional to head the Department of Education.

Latinos alluded to in this article are Utah instructor Lily Eskelsen-Garcia and Pedro Rivera, previously Pennsylvania Secretary, past President of the National Education Association.

Tom Williams (calls to CQ-Roll Inc via Getty Picture files) Education Presser

A possible choice was made for labor, trade, the United Nations by Julián Castro, the first big Latino contender under Obama for President and former Housing and Civic Development Minister, who was elected.

Ambassador to the Financial Security Consumer Bureau, HUD again.

As future nominee of the Labor Department leading or US representative of trade, Rep. Jimmy Gomez of California was proposed.

Gomez is a Member of House Ways and Means Committee, the tax law commission and was a member of a currency working group set up to discuss the North American Free Trade Deal by Chairman Nancy Pelosi.

For the Transport Minister, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was mentioned.

Any nominee holding an elected office is expected to find an alternative.

A smaller plurality of the US would remain in the Democrats.

House and loss of a member of Parliament will mean special substitute votes.

The NHLA urged Biden and the elected vice president, Kamala Harris, to include more Latinos in the federal administration's consultative councils, commissions and other offices, including judicial seats, and legislative posts.

According to NHLA, Hispanics have around 8.4% federal employees.

The Latino organizations say that the proportion of Hispanics inside the United States is projected to rise to around 20 percent.

"To best represent the diversity in our nation's citizens and in latino communities like gender, race, sex preference, ethnicity, should have a large Hispanic presence at each level."

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