Appeals court again sets new hearing in McGahn subpoena case

WASHINGTON (AP) – The full federal court of appeal, based in Washington , D.C., said Thursday that the attempt to compel former White House lawyer, Don McGahn, to testify before Congress would once again take place in the House of Representatives.

But arguments will only be held at the beginning of February, and the question is whether the House has the power to ask courts to appeal to an official of an executive branch according to the Constitution or federal law.

A US jury of three prosecutors.

In August, the Court of Appeals found that the House lacked such jurisdiction for the Columbia District circuit.

One of the majority judges in August, Thomas Griffith, has resigned since then and testified to the promotion to Supreme Court of Amy Coney Barrett immediately after the issuance of an order by his former court.

The second period Thursday marked the maximum appellate court's judgment.

The court originally decided that judges took no part in the controversy about the testimonies of top administration officials between the House and President Donald Trump.

It is not known if, in the course of the inquiry into alleged obstruction of justice by the House by Trump, Sonderbeauftragte Robert Mueller's Russian Adviser, the House will also want to hear the testimony of McGahn next year.