2 candidates, 20 voter questions: Comparing and contrasting Biden, Trump town halls

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, conducted dueling city hall activities on Thursday after Trump, who had tested positive for COVID-19, declined to partake in simulated forms in the Miami second presidential debate that night.

The two municipal halls, moreover, were on the surface as diverse from each other as the individualities of the candidates but parallels still remained, such as the relative period the Biden and Trump spoke, the amount of electoral problems they posed and the subjects debated.

Though the municipalities were more than 1,100 miles away, they took place with Trump in Florida and Biden in Pennsylvania in two of the most important 2020 swing nations.

Here's a study of the two campaign activities' similarities and contrasts.

Who most spoke?

The case of Biden was an hour and a half, about 30 minutes longer than Trump, which offered former Vice President ample flexibility to address questions.

He spoke to Trump's 32 for about 49 minutes total and also had to ask for about about the same proportion of his activities compared to how long their town halls had been going.

Biden City Hall length: one hour, 30 minutes roughly

Trump City Hall length: nearly 1 hour

Biden's period spoke about:

Trump's period spoke about:

This did not take effect until about 30 minutes of the city hall 's conclusion that Biden existed and proceeded to address the query of the electorate.

Trump has listed Biden a number of times: 8

Biden alluded to Trump amount of times: 10 10

COVID-19, QAnon and packing for courts: Here the highlights from the Biden, Trump City Halls

Trump should not carry Biden's mask

Images from these activities suggest that although Biden was wearing a mask as the City Hall was about to begin, Trump emerged without a mask after a strong COVID-19 examination after a previous hospitalization.

Though Biden was on stage and far from the polls, Trump invited the crowd from a couple of yards away at an outdoor town hall at the Perez Art Museum, in Miami, in pictures from his rally in Philadelphia 's constitution hall.

The Electors

Amount of electors who have to ask:

Two Eleven

Trump 9 Trump

Amount of female voters asking:

Trump Eight

Two Four

Questioners regarding the trump:

Five Biden Leaning

3 trump leaning

1 indecisive

Questioners from Biden:

Six Republicans (one of whom in 2016 did not vote for Trump)

Four Democrats

1 vague registration

The facilitators

Trump's NBC event contained numerous confrontations with Savannah Guthrie, host of a party, that regularly pointed to the President's false statements while answering questions of the voters.

Biden's ABC News hall has a more personal friendship, with more concerns from Biden and the electorate than from the former vice president and host George Stephanopolous.

Stephanopoulos addressed Biden a variety of questions: 23

Amount of questions Guthrie asked Trump: 39

City Hall duration until the first vote for Biden: roughly 1 minute.

City hall time before Trump's first poll: nearly 20 minutes

Stephanopoulos added fact checking or explanation on the amount of times: 10 roughly

Approximately 45 times Guthrie attached a reality analysis or clarification:

The subjects

Questions by the European Parliament on COVID-19:

Trump 3 Trump

Two Two

Supreme Court election questions:

Trump 1 Trump

Two 1

Voting tax questions:

Two 1

Trump 1 Trump

Immigrant Election Questions:

Trump 1 Trump

Go 0 Go 0

Voting abortion issues:

Trump 1 Trump

Go 0 Go 0

Environmental Vote Questions:

Two 1

Trump 0 Trump

Originally reported in USA TODAY: Trump and Biden City Halls by numbers: compare side by side