Indiana man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping teen on flight

Federal offences have been perpetrated against an individual convicted in Fort Wayne , Indiana of sexually assaulting a teenager sleeping in Indianapolis planes.

Ian Wagner, 38, was convicted for two counts of sexual harassment and one count of indescribable disclosure in relation to a case which took place on Oct. 6, 2017 in a flight from Indianapolis to Denver by Frontier Airlines, reports the American TODAY Network Indianapolis Star.

A federal indictment claims that Wagner has intentionally involved the then 18-year-old woman and has induced inappropriate intercourse.

The court papers claimed that the sleeping victim "was unable to estimate the extent of the activity and was unable to decrease involvement in physical intercourse and demonstrated his inability to participate into it."

He is suspected of scratching the inner leg of the woman, revealing himself and masturbating himself in legal records.

The officers recorded that Wagner was convicted in the Nebraskan District because the sexual intercourse had started, been continued and had been finished throughout the flight.

Wagner was detained on Sunday in the northern district of Indiana in Fort Wayne, and an initial trial was held on Monday.

Officers said offenses onboard aircraft come under the expertise of the FBI, which typically take the type of unfavorable impact in case of in-flight sexual assaults.

Frontier Airlines refused to elaborate on this case.

Officials said that Wagner faces a term of up to three years in court.

The FBI reviewed the situation.

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