US sets coronavirus infection record; deaths near 224,000

BOISE, Idaho (AP), the U.S. coronavirus caseload has hit record peaks with over 83 000 infections recorded on just one day as the state from Connecticut to the Mountainous Mountain west reel undergoes a surge of the current ominous indication of a disease 's grasp on the population.

According to the COVID-19 Dashboard of Johns Hopkins University, the number of fatalities in the United States has risen to 223,995.

On site Friday, 83,757 US case loads were posted, out of the 77,362 on 16 July.

There is a lockout from Friday on the reservation of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, an appeal from an official for Florida health to suspend the birthday parties for girls. The Utah Governor is alert, and a hospital in Northern Idaho is in an extremely distressed condition, with little room for patients and airlines in mind

"Much of our hospital's floor we shut down.

We had to have twin spaces.

Dr Robert Scoggins, pulmonologist at the Kootenai Hospital for Health in Coeur d'Alene, said we purchased more hospital beds.

"Not for a pandemic our hospital is designed."

St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in South Idaho town of Twin Falls said that it will not welcome children any more, since it is overrun by patients suffering from coronavirus.

With the exception of newborns, 128 miles (206 km) away will be shipped in Boise to all under 18.

Walk Kirby, a board member, was among those who accompanied Scoggins at the Panhandle Health District meeting in Northern Idaho.

"People die, they will begin to die and they will capture this," said Kirby.

"How many are not going to wear a mask?

The same individuals that would not be vaccinated.

Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah declared Friday as a "record day for Utah — but not a successful day" since the COVID-19 cases hit their peak point for the state.

"Bis now, both COVID and non-COVID patients who require it have been able to get proper treatment for our hospitals," he added.

"We are on the verge today, though.

If Utahans don't take serious action to restrict collecting and wearing masks, we would not be willing to give quality treatment to those in need.

According to Herbert, masks are required by the public health authorities in 21 counties and encourage Utah residents to wear one any time they are outside their home.

For new regular COVID-19 cases in America, the 7-day rolling average was over 61,140 Thursday, relative to 44,647 two weeks earlier.

The high was surpassed on July 22, when the roll average in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California was 67,293 in a summer epidemic.

The U.S. boom demonstrates a similarly broad-based rise in Europe where, as part of the ever more dramatic steps taken to slow the progress of the pandemic, Rome, Paris and others are reigning in nightlife.

French officials announced that since the beginning of the pandemic the nation has registered more than one million documented cases of coronavirus that became second to Spain in Western Europe.

The President of the World Health Organization has warned that the Northern Hemisphere countries are at a "sensitive juncture" with more and more fatalities.

The WHO General Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said at a press conference on Friday, "The next couple of months will get incredibly difficult and some countries are on a risky road.

Any of America's new developments:


In South Dakota, in reaction to the increasing amount of COVID-19 cases in the state, the Oglala Sioux Tribe ordered a one-week lock-out from the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

By the morning of 30 October, all non-major voyages are forbidden and non-major companies must be sold.

The tribes have shared 391 successful COVID-19 events, which comprises nearly 20,000 residents, on their Twitter page from Thursday on.

This is because on Thursdays South Dakota conquered 9,000 cases of active coronavirus, including an all-time record of 973 cases recorded in one day.

Flowering Flowering

Parents were prohibited in Florida by the highest health official in one of the biggest districts from hosting their children birthdays because of their size.

Dr. Raul Pino, the Orange County State Health Officer said half the 30 guests attending a recent Sweet 16 party in Orlando had the infection.

Two weeks after students who had taken position in a birthday party tested positive, an Orange County Secondary School closed last month.

"Not only are these parties active in the practices impacted by them, but they would also impact anyone else from whom they quit," Pino said.

"If we don't behave super-responsibly, we can begin to have results."

Texas Teachings

In Texas, in reaction to an increase in coronaviral infection, Gov. Greg Abbott assigns medical reinforcements to El Paso.

This week additional medical staff and supplies would be supported by the Texas Department of State Health Care and the Texas Division for Emergency Response.

County El Paso confirmed this week 3,750 new infections with coronavirus, including 1,161 on Thursday.

Of the 21,321 cases registered in 244 counties this week, this figure accounts for 17.5 percent.

The Day of God

Also as the situation in northern Idaho escalated, a regional health committee agreed to repeal the mandate of the local mask.

Moments after listening to the 99% potential of the Kootenai Health Hospital in Coeur d'Alene.

Kootenai is conservative Idaho's third most populated county.

The state is at its highest coronavirus rate since the start of the pandemic, with new infections increasing 46.5% during the last two weeks.

Republican Gov. Brad Little has failed to pursue initiatives such as the masks could slow down the transmission of the virus.

During a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Dr Joshua Kern, vice president of St. Lukes in the area of Magic Valley, which includes Twin Falls and Jerome said that he and other physicians were terrified.

"The goal of every action against coronavirus was to stop overwhelming the hospitals, and today I say that the hospital is overloaded," he said.

On Friday one day later, his hospital confirmed the transportation of younger patients to Boise.


For a while the level of fresh cases in the North-East, which had been struck badly before in the pandemic, stayed poor as new COVID 19 in the Mid-western and elsewhere.

Many nations, like New Jersey and Connecticut, have placed 14-day quarantine conditions on passengers from hundreds of countries where positive tests are higher.

This week, however, temperatures have increased to the level that they apply for quarantine restrictions in New Jersey and Connecticut.

After a touch of misunderstanding, the New Jersey, Connecticut and New York Democratic Governors, where the ratings appear to go down, agreed not to apply to their quarantine list, but to uphold their travel laws.

From New York, Crary wrote.

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