Facebook will ban ads discouraging people from getting vaccines

By Culliford Elizabeth

(Reuters)-On Tuesday, the Social Networking Giant reported that Facebook Inc is banning advertisements which deter people from getting vaccinated.

The firm claimed in a blog that it will also be able to advertise with or against regulations or government policy on vaccinations, including a COVID-19 vaccine.

In the next few days, Facebook will start enforcing the new strategy.

In Facebook, under pressure from politicians and public-health communities to attack anti-vaccine material and disinformation on its website, the pandemic stressed the value of preventative health habits, while a COVID-19 vaccine will not be accessible for some time.

The laws of Facebook forbid vaccine-deforming advertising, but vaccine-opposition advertising were permitted provided misleading statements were not used in the ads.

This summer, Jason Hirsch, Facebook Public Policy Manager said Reuters thought that users needed to share those personal opinions and that more extreme filtering might lead citizens to the anti-vaccine camp with hesitations regarding vaccinations.

(Elizabeth Culliford's report; Richard Chang's editing)