What Dr. Fauci says when asked about Trump's crowded rallies

When questioned about the health threats involved with the return of President Trump to the campaigns, he is worried that any large-scale meeting is going to contribute to further clusters of coronaviruses. Dr. Anthon Fauci is worried this week.

"This is a dangerous scenario," said Fauci in a live Thursday interview to Yahoo News.

“People ask me the question, and it always gets ...

The president pinning me.

For a second, set that away and speak broadly.

How you are or where you are is irrespective of.

As people swarm together and absolutely nobody holds a mask in congregated situations, that's the ideal setup to get an epidemic.

"This is only scientific and public health," continued Fauci.

"We realize that. We realize that.

We see it repeated over and over again.

And the truth you can't hide.

Trump, who returned from the COVID 19 campaign this week, held large rallies in Sanford, Fla., Johnsown, Pa., and Des Moines, Iowa, on three consecutive days.

There was no social distancing in the activities, and unlike the alarming uptick in cases of coronavirus in both of those states most participants did not wear masks.

On the other hand, former vice-president Joe Biden, Trump's Democratic foe, has hosted tiny, socially distant gatherings.

And Biden was wearing a mask, unlike the president.

However, Fauci wouldn't state if Biden's solution was favoured.

"It's a pit," he said. He said.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere.

You can do it in accordance with the successful guidelines in public health, I'm usually talking.

This implies enough distance, uniform mask wear and deter crowding.

Where you are, who you are, or what your party is, doesn't matter.

During a campaign rally on Monday in Orlando, President Trump throws the face mask from the floor, his first ever since COVID-19.

(Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

Fauci, the National Institute Director for Allergy and Infection and a member of the White House Task Force on the coronavirus, blamed the Trump campaign for his election advertisement, when he claimed that he made a statement regarding the pandemic response from the Administration out of context.

The ad contains a clip from a Fauci March Fox News interview, "I can't imagine ...

Everyone could do more.

Fauci told Yahoo News that "We were thinking of the Taskforce Squad."

"We used to operate 24 hours a day, day and night at the start of the burn, and in that sense I said that I don't think we should do much else."

Fauci said that the work force is only once a week now, although there are other meetings between the doctors on the panel.

In the last week's vice presidential debate he also replied to Sen. Kamala Harris' statement that the government knew the danger of coronavirus but "covered it."

Harris told the discussion, before saying, "They understood what was going on and did not inform you." "It understood and they covered it up."

"What she meant by 'they understood' I don't know," said Fauci.

"We talked of the threats."

You remember, there were almost no diseases in the United States at the point, early on.

And we said there wasn't anything to do at that time, just be alert, because things could shift quickly.

I see completely no cover-up there.

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