AJC Appalled by October 18 End of Iranian Arms Embargo

18 October Termination of Iranian Nuclear embargo AJC Appealed

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Oct. 15, 2020, NEW YORK.

NEW YORK, 15 Oct.2020 / PRNewswire/- The US-Commission of the Jewish Republic has condemned the UN Security Council as a "deeply sad and risky day for global security" for failing to extend the universal weapons embargo on Iran on Sunday 18 October.

"Iran will be able to purchase and export conventional arms freely by October 18, 2015 without breaching the JCPOA (2015 nuclear agreement with Iran) or UN constraints," A JCC CEO David Harris said. "Due to the inaction of the United Nations Security Council.

"The implications of the Security Council's abject inability to call out and control the true existence of the dictatorship in Tehran would no doubt impact the Iranian neighbors and countries well outside the Middle East."

The JCPOA issued an end date of 18 October 2020 for the weapons embargo originally placed in 2007.

On 14 August the Security Council vetoed a request from the United States to prolong the embargo.

Just the Dominican Republic voted in the U.S., while Russia and China, plus the United Kingdom , France and Germany, opposed this measure.

"There is plenty to be welcomed from China and the Russians now," said Harris, adding that "this two countries have no fear or compunction in freely exporting arms to Iran."

"Today, facing severe economic difficulties, the sad fact is that Iran, as a regional and global competitor, is more dangerous than ever," said Harris.

"The tentacles of Iran have been very firm in Iraq , Syria, Lebanon and Gaza and are very involved both in Arica, in Europe, in Asia, in Latin America and constantly seeking in the United States, either directly or by their terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.


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