Romania: Fire in COVID-19 intensive care unit kills 10

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP)—Officials claim 10 people were murdered and 7 others were seriously wounded on Saturday in a hospital that infected patients with COVID-19 in Northeastern Romania.

The burn spread to citizens with COVID-19 in the public hospital in the city of Piatra Neamt, said Irina Popa, the central Special Inspectorate of Emergency Situations.

Popa said hospital patients were all but one of the citizens who died or were wounded by flames.

Health Minister Nelu Tataru claimed that the fire was most definitely caused by a short circuit," in the Romanian newspapers.

News reports also suggested the longstanding bad management of the Piatra Neamt Regional Emergency Hospital and in the past year eight government administrators have overseen the hospital.

A three-week period before his predecessor quit over inadequate care of patients, the hospital's new head Lucian Micu was named.

The resignation followed media accounts from people, including some accused of getting COVID-19, who were required to wait for a doctor outside in the cold.

Saturday, Micu said a duty doctor was attempting to save patients from fires, with first- and second-graduate burns covering 80% of his body in serious condition.

Piatra Neamt is about 353 kilometers north of Bukarest, the capital of Romania.

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