France launches flu vaccine campaign amid COVID-19 crisis

PARIS (AP) — France introduced a drive to deter the spread of the coronavirus quickly around the world on a flu vaccination Tuesday to avert another peak.

Official advise was made by French health officials to stop future flu shortages, which they fear might arise because of increased demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, care workers are recommended to live with priority cases, including those aged 65, pregnant mothers, cardiac and other illnesses.

Others can wait until December.

The movement began when the French health institutions announced that coronavirus infection had grown steadily and more patients had been admitted to hospitals.

Today more than 42% of intensive care unit beds in Paris are filled by COVID-19 patients.

Sylvie Ducamp, 73, was among the first to collect the influenza vaccine on Tuesday morning at a Paris pharmacy.

"According to the Associated Press, having a flu football would not cause you to mistake flu with the indications of COVID-19 and it can support physicians.

Her doctor, Karima Ameri, 45, said she was recommended to obtain the vaccination soon to avert a future shortfall "and more and more citizens choose to be vaccinated specifically because they are concerned about influenza weakness" and COVID-19 contracted.

Amira Ben Guitar Pharmacist Assistant said, "We have developed suitable vaccine supplies, we have prepared suitable inventories in this pharmacy.

The only fear is that more patients would be vaccinated than in past years.

Olivier Veran, Minister of Santé, said France had requested 15.5 million doses of vaccine – up 30 per cent from the previous year.

According to the French health authority, some 52% of citizens over 65 years of age got a flu vaccine last season.

The French authorities have set a target this year to hit up to 75%.