Trump Supporters Spend Weekend Clogging America’s Highways

Screenshot from Twitter @Breaking911

Pro-trump protesters jammed freeways from blue states like New Jersey, New York, and Washington to red-leaning Texas and purple Arizona on Sunday, demonstrating solidarity for dubious electoral significance.

"How many!

We've shut it down, sweetheart!

We shut it down! We shut it down!

"To present audiences a collection of vehicles that had made traffic stuck at the Garden State Parkway in North Jersey, one pro-trump videographer claims he pans the camera almost 360 degrees."

NJ: A convoy of trump vehicles blocks the Garden State Parkway. @realDonaldTrump

November 1 , 2020 Breaking911(@Breaking911)

"You suck, everyone sucks on the right side of the track," nearby driver Maddy Pryor said to catch in yet another video of the incident, posted to Twitter by Pryor.

The stoppage forced an ambulance crew to take an after-service path to the hospital, another user called @ Kabryant17 reported as the pro-Trump protest blocked the whole lane.

In nearby New York, Trump help Abigail Marone caught cars and vehicles on the road from Seaford to Montauk on Long Island, including at least one Thin Blue Line pro-law enforcement flag.

The users even brought Trump supporters on New York State Route 25 with their hashtag # TrumpTrain and reported to see a similar setup on Hicksville Route 106.

· Towards Long Island, NY hzsC9He2. · From: South Africa.

Abigail Marone — November 1 , 2020 (@abigailmarone).

The Daily Beast in Maryland encountered on Sunday an additional line of cars bearing pro-Trump flags.

An early Sonday afternoon, when company writer Lauren Arevalo-Downes found a line of trump drivers in Pasadena, Los Angeles, even news of a convoy in another traditionally blue town.

The president's followers have posted Sunday, under the Hashtag #MAGADragTheInterstate, images of caravans of cars flying broad 'Trump 2020' flags.

At least one Texas vehicle had the banner "Don't Stomp On Me," traditionally associated with Confederate nostalgia and Klan, which was used with a Rambo-esque Trump flag cradling a gun to strike. At least one was a Texas car.

In Virginia Daily News Record writer Ian Munro filmed a caravan pro-trump in a Richmond ring where a shot was shot, wounding an emergency technician's counter-protestor on foot later measured.

Confederate fires were burned by counter-demonstrators in the ringing, which houses a statue of Robert E. Lee, by the police at the close of the thoroughfare late Sunday afternoon.

A pro-Biden vehicle heading through and protestors are burning flags from the Trump convoy drivers that crossed the Lee Monument roundabout earlier at Richmond Virginia's Monument Ave, this afternoon.

— Ian Munro – Daily News record, November 1 , 2020. (@iamIanMunro)

The disabled opponent was eventually remembered as Frank Chase, who refused to elaborate about whether he had helped strip Trump 2020 signs off vehicles.

Hunt identified the man's windows rolled up and shot a weapon at him.

"My ear was grasping this shit, the puppy," Hunt said, indicating to Munro that the consequence was his wounded hand clearly bandaged on the recording.

"I forgive you, but I'll never regret that for the car, passengers, everyone else who wanted to destroy me.

We'll gut you with hatred and then we can fly. "We'll kill you.

Supporters of Trump even ambushed a Biden-Harris campaign rally on a campaign bus Friday in Austin , Texas, and reportedly attempted to push it off the lane.

Following the troubling event, the President congratulated Texas drivers, tweetered the video and said, "I LOve TEXAS!

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