Polish officials warn of rising infection, new curbs

WARSAW (Reuters) – Polish officials informed the government on Thursday that it could predict an important surge in coronavirus infections and that new steps are likely to be launched to avoid the virus.

The EU 's largest East wing is dealing with spiraling infection rates, with government officials reporting that the pandemic is already inadequately funded by clinics and respirators, but can not eradicate localized deficits.

Michal Dworczyk, Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister's, reported that "We do have a period when we have to anticipate the amount of diseases to rise and this rise to be substantial for some period."

On Wednesday, Poland reached a daily high of 6526 cases and said further fresh infections will take place on Thursday.

Speaker Piotr Muller said Poland's PR1 public radio station will potentially lay new limitations to slow viral dissemination on Thursday.

"There are multiple cap limits in particular locations in the world," he said.

"It won't go as far as spring, there would be restrictions on the amount of participants ..."

The Polish government has consistently indicated that it wanted to prevent another national lockdown which would be economically harmful.

Muller said that the government will take more preventive steps if the same degree of growth in infection rate as on Wednesday was replicated on Thursday.

Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska said on Thursday that PR24 public radio would be "red," the maximum degree of coronavirus restrictions in most of the big Polish cities.

(Pawel Florkiewicz's accounts and Alan Charlish's; John Stonestreet and Tomasz Janowski 's reports)