One simple chart shows how well J&J's single-dose coronavirus vaccine works, with protection starting after 2 weeks

The coronavirus vaccine of Johnson & Johnson is offered as a single injection, while both Pfizer and Moderna involve two jabs.

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A third US-approved vaccine for coronavirus is closer than ever.

The single-dose shot of Johnson & Johnson was healthy and successful in preventing COVID-19, US regulators said.

A illustration from the FDA summary illustrates how the vaccine functions, and after two weeks safety is given.

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The coronavirus vaccine of Johnson & Johnson begins to prevent people from having COVID-19 disease around two weeks after immunization.

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration issued a 62-page vaccine study.

The records indicate that the shot against COVID-19 is secure and successful.

The one-dose vaccine is in the final stage of the US emergency authorisation approval process, which may take place this evening or early next week.

A basic chart in the FDA summary indicates a crucial feedback from the J&J analysis that performs very well with its one dose vaccine, which results in far fewer COVID-19 cases among volunteers who have administered the injection.

According to FDA review papers, J&J vaccination was 67% effective after two weeks and 66% effective after four weeks of injection.

The red line reflects the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in the test sample, or people who got the fake placebo shot.

The blue line indicates how many cases the actual J&J shot was sent.

The two groups vary by 14 days, with far more COVID-19 events from that point in time in the placebo group.

Coronavirus vaccine effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson along with placebo FDA

The effectiveness rates of J&J are slightly lower than those of 94 percent and 95 percent shown by two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, but the findings cannot be compared explicitly, because the outcomes were observed at varying points of the pandemic, and in different regions.

Expect a conversation among experts in the coming days about how significant the gap in productivity is.

J&J's shot also works very well, in fact to avoid the disease's worse consequences.

Throughout the experiment, 31 people were injured by a COVID-19 hospital: 29 were given a placebo shot and only two were vaccinated with J&J.

The study also found seven deaths in the placebo community of COVID-19.

Experts also argued that the main advantage of COVID-19 vaccination is to prevent patients from getting or dying.

The shot by J&J clarifies this bar and shows the special benefit of the business as a one-dose shot that can be kept for three months at normal refrigerator temperatures.

A FDA Consultative Committee will meet on Friday to address the J&J's shot and vote whether to approve emergency authorisation or not.

If the regulators' decision is OK, the health care giant has said it will ship 4 million doses instantly and is in the process of shipping 100 million doses to the US by the end of June.

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