Kyle Rittenhouse won't face charges in Illinois related to Kenosha protest shootings

In opposing the Jacob Blake police shooting, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17 years old, a shooter convicted of murdering two men on an AR-15, in his home state of Illinois, won't be suffering violent assaults.

The Office of the Lake County State Prosecutor stated in an investigation on Tuesday that a gun allegedly being used in Rittenhouse's shell shooting at Kenosha on Aug. 25 had been "purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin by the Illinois Antioch Police Department"

There is no confirmation that Rittenhouse in Illinois has ever owned the firearm physically, the office added.

Rittenhouse is housed without bond at a community correctional facility in Lake County.

In Wisconsin, he has been charged with the murder of Joseph Rosenbaum, fatal in his first-degree assassination, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and with a count of attempted deliberate homicide, for the wounding of Gaige P. Grosskreutz, a 3rd man.

He risks an error allegation with the usage of a semi-automatic weapon by underage weapons.

The prosecutors of Rittenhouse argued that the firing was carried out in self-defense and the charges were part of a "political proceeding."

The Procurator 's Office of the State Lake County and the Antioch authorities have announced that they would not disclose more information about an enquiry to preclude further prosecution in Wisconsin.

The day after the Kenosha protest shooting, Rittenhouse was detained in his Antioch home.

A video of the shooting that circulated online added to an already volatile situation in which seven times a white policeman shot Blake, who is Black.

After his conviction, those on the right praised Rittenhouse as a watchman who exercised his freedom to his second amendment.

Online fundraising has raised millions of dollars in donations for him in recent weeks.

Rittenhouse is due back in the County court in the Lake County Court on 30 October and is expecting Wisconsin extradition, which his counsel are fighting, to "turn it to the mob" last week.