U.S. hospitalizations continue climb as 11 states set records for new COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus hospitalizations persisted in the United States as the global pandemic displayed no evidence of a retreat on a Sunday hit ominous thresholds for both Brazil and India.

Hospitalisations, which peaked in July at almost 60,000 in the world, had dropped by over half last month.

But when the amount of patients who were admitted in hospitals dropped below 29,000 on Sept. 20, the number fell to almost 35,000 a day.

The United States Day-to-day review of Johns Hopkins details by the end of Saturday reveals that 11 states have developed records for new cases over 7 days – Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah and North Dakota.

More than 50,000 fresh cases of COVID-19 have been noted in the United States for a fourth consecutive day.

Since the first case in the US was reported on Jan. 21, the United States has reports more than 7.7 million incidents and almost 215,000 deaths.

In Kansas and North Dakota, record numbers of deaths over seven days have been recorded.

For the third straight day the US records more than 50 K cases: 9 countries set record

The planet is not any different than that.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could uncover stricter limits on Monday like a three-tier structure focused on the seriousness of the cases in each of England's regions.

Graham Medley, a professor of modeling infectious diseases at Londoner School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Center Director for Infectious Disease Mathematical Modeling, cautioned that "thousands will perish" unless the UK is willing to change the disease 's course.

"Of course we're in a rough spot," tweeted Medley.

"In the same place as in early March, infection frequency and increase in admissions and deaths (but we know) how much damage 'lockdown' gives. Very, very tough decisions."

Doctor of Trump: Chairman no longer a risk for COVID-19 transmission

Dr. David Nabarro, COVID-19 Special Envoy to the World Health Organisation encouraged foreign representatives to avoid "using lockdowns as the key power" to blunt the epidemic.

Nabarro said lock-ups could only be justified to purchase time to reorganize, regroup, re-equilibrate your finances, secure the failed health staff. "We at the World Health Organization do not support lock-ups as the prime means of containing this virus," Nabarro told "the spectators."

We we wouldn't want to do that in general.

According to data obtained from Johns Hopkins, in Brazil the death toll on Saturday night approached 150,000, just the second to the US.

President Jair Bolsonaro followed the example of President Donald Trump as he played down the epidemic, defied instructions on social distancing and promoted rude political protests.

And Bolsonaro, like Trump, contracted the parasite and endured a COVID-19 assault on July.

In India, health officials registered over 7 million infections.

This number is only second in the US.

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President Donald Trump talks at a conference held in Washington DC on October 10, 2020, from the South Portico of the White House.

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