The Latest: Portugal enters state of emergency over virus

LISBON, Portugal – Portugal reached an emergency situation of curfews enforced by the COVID 19 pandemic in the regions worst impacted.

Around 7 million residents – about 70 percent of the nation 's population – would be held at home between 11 p.m. on weekdays, from Monday to for at least two weeks.

And five o'clock ..

They can't go home until 1 p.m. at weekends.

The government has cautioned that if the propagation of this coronave virus does not pause, the state of emergency, which gives particular powers to the authorities, will be expanded and steps tightened.

In the last few weeks, the number of reports of viruses and hospital admissions have increased dramatically.

2,896 viral deaths have occurred in the world.


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PRAGUE — Following a two month increase in the amount of record high levels of coronavirus diseases in the Czech Republic, a set of recent controls on coronavirus have begun to decline.

The Ministry of Health says the regular rise in the new cases confirmed drops to 3,608 on Sunday, the lowest since 11 October.

A greater number of experiments was typically performed on the weekends, but in contrast to the previous day, the number of positive tests fell by about 3,000.

On Wednesday, the reported cases achieved a daily record high of 15,727 and have decreased since then.

The number of injured individuals fell to around 500 in another positive indication, 7,779.

414,828 positive samples, while 4,858 have died in the Czech Republic.

The average daily in the last two weeks of 7 days of new cases, varying from 112,34 new cases for 100,000 on Oct. 25 to 97,63 new cases for 100,000 on Sunday, has not increased.

NEW DELHI — India registered the largest single-day increase in infections since the beginner of the pandemic, with 45,903 new coronavirus cases documented by its capital.

On Monday, 490 deaths in the last 24 hours were announced by the health ministry and a total of 126,611 deaths in the world.

New Delhi's 7,745 case rise occurred during a recent boom, owing to retail crowding during the current holidays, winter and heavy air pollution.

The standard of air quality of the capital is slipping into the category "extreme."

New Delhi has been planned to see up to 15,000 cases every day during the winter months in a recent government survey.

Since the onset of the pandemic, India has numbered over 8.5 million instances, the second largest after the US.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Police in Sri Lanka will impose mask criteria and social distancing strictly by arresting violators from Monday as other antivirus acts will ease economic pain reduction.

Ajith Rohana, Police Speaker said 120 people had been detained in the last 10 days owing to lack of wearing facial masks and social removal in public places.

Introduced last month, Coronavirus laws is punished by a fee of $54, six months or any of them.

After almost two weeks commuter trains returned to work and the government lifted a toll-free service in and around the capital of Colombo.

It would not be necessary to reach or exit the site until pockets are allotted where pathogens are large.

Since the pandemic started, the number of patients in SRI Lanka has been 13,929 COVID19, with more than 9,900 of the overall infections responsible for two recent clusters.

BOSTON — Another sobering landmark has been the coronavirus: over 50 million cases.

Coronavirus tracker at Johns Hopkins University recorded over 50.3 million coronaviral cases as of Sunday.

According to COVID-19, over 1.2 million people have disappeared.

About a quarter of all cases are registered in the United States of around 4 percent of the world 's population.

According to Johns Hopkins University reports, the nation has suffered more than 9.9 million deaths and more than 237,000 from the virus since the pandemic began.

Cases of coronavirus and death in several countries begin to grow in the US as well.

AUSTIN, Texas — Sunday, 5,404 new coronavirus cases were registered in Texas with nearly 2,000 cases in the highly impacted El Paso region, state officials of public health said.

According to latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, the estimated number of cases since the pandemic has started is almost 1 million; the number of cases is over 985,000.

The Texas State Health Care Department confirmed Sunday that the state death count reached 18,743 with 43 more deaths recorded.

The crisis has been increasingly severe in El Paso and the highest political official of El Paso County has shut down non-essential operations, and health teams are being deployed to aid. In addition, hospitalization has been raised.

Health authorities also claimed that over 6,000 people have earned COVID-19 hospital on Sunday.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Coronavirus hospitalization in Arkansas began Sunday, hitting a new record one day high of 741, workers said.

Sunday in hospital 19 other persons were stayed at the Arkansas Health Department.

Health authorities have now identified 1,038 new cases of coronavirus, which have been verified and likely to lead to almost 122,000 in total.

"We're definitely going into the rough week of another day with more than 1000 new incidents," said Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Twitter on Sunday.

"Let's just stay safe and protect one another."

The state has announced 17 additional fatalities, which also caused 2.085 deaths.