OSLO (AP) – The Nobel Peace Prize laureate for this year will be revealed at 11 a.m. on Friday.

In Oslo (0900 GMT) without shortages on this year's list of explanations or members.

In terms of its anonymity on which the Norwegian Nobel Committee is expected to endorse the world's most coveted prize, rumors never stopped before the announcement.

This year's guesses — and bets — recovered a nerveshaking assault which blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and the World Health Organization for their position in resolving the pandemic of coronavirus, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and Russian dissident Alexej Navalny.

And US President Donald Trump appears to think he merits the honor, although he is surprised by one of the few estimates that analysts are going to make.

There are 318 claimants – 211 citizens and 107 organisations.

A select community, including national legislatures, heads of state and some foreign organizations, can make nominations.

The nominations deadline was February 1, indicating that there seem to be no contestants on the front lines of the COVID-19 war — which was only confirmed to be a panemic in March.

The reward contains the $1.1 million (10 million) cash reward and a gold medal at the ceremony held on 10 December, the anniversary of the death of prizefounder Alfret Nobel in Oslo, Norway, along with an immense prestige. The ceremony is being conducted.

Owing to the pandemic, the ceremony this year will be limited.

On Monday, the Nobel Committee awarded the award for the discovery of the liver ravages virus of hepatitis C for physiology and medicine.

Tueday 's science prize was given to scientists behind a strong gene-editing method for understanding the mystery of interstellar black holes, and Wednesday's chemistry award

On Thursday, for her "candid and uncompromising" work, the Literary Award was bestowed upon American poet Louise Glück.

The award for excellent economic work will also be given next week.

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