Jake Tapper Literally Laughs When Kudlow Says We're Safely Dealing With COVID

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Anchor Jake Tapper from CNN smiled and shook his head Sunday morning as Larry Kudlow, economic advisor at the White House, argued that the U.S. is "learning to cope" with this novel coronavirus in a "healthy" manner.

After President Donald Trump revealed last week that he had been killing talks, Kudlow spoke on the Sunday State of the Union to address Trump's effort to resume stimulus talks, stating that the economy had now sharply rebounded, but further reinforcement was still required.

"It's not so much about votes by themselves," Kudlow said.

"I know this is a political season, I know it's a tough period for Americans.

We've had a blockbuster flux around the economy so there really isn't a need to introduce anything to that in the next three months with any extra support and I hope that you can get a bargain.

Tapper questioned whether Trump Assistants thought like a stimulus bill needed to be pushed rapidly in order to avert work cuts and Kudlow said he did not feel "the economy was based on it."

"Mark Zandi from Moody's suggests the nation would start tossing employment once again if a stimulus bill is not implemented quickly," Tapper responded.

Kudlow repeated his conviction that the country is already in a "solid recovery," and he then relieved fears about the sustained effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which killed 215,000 Americans. He also claimed Zandi is a "adverse individual" because he said he is a "negative guy in Republican politics."

"We learn to targeted, secure, deter the infection," he said, leading a ludicrous Tapper to interject. "We're targeted.

"No, we are not," screamed Larry, anchor of the CNN. "We don't learn to deal with the infection.

We've seen 50,000 illnesses for four days in a row, the world's highest mortality rate.

Of course, Kudlow was the same individual who claimed in February that the US government "hid" the virus "near the air." Moreover, over 7 million infections have infected the nation since the remarks.

In the last years at the Republican National Convention this summer the economist even pointed to the pandemic, which implies that the United States has passed it.

Towards the end of the interview, Tapper reiterated that since his latest hospitalization to COVID-19, the President was persistently demanding that public rallies and activities take place at the White House, adding that last month, there is definitely a "super-spreading" occurrence.

I don't know if citizens of the White House are so concerned for those who work in the White House and the funding for the Trump themselves, but I do not know if they are too nervous about those who work in the White House, "said Host CNN.

"Big rallying isn't healthy!

"These protests would include more masks," affirmed Kudlow.

"At these demonstrations, there would be social distancing.

Adequate monitoring may take effect.

You get checked on the way in each of these areas.

We must mainly stick to problems of sanitation, wash your hands and face and so on.

This may be achieved.

That's all we should do.

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