Coronavirus pummels Russia, daily cases hit new high

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Sunday saw an upward milestone rise for Russia's fourth largest outbreak tally on Sunday, rising to € 1.3 million in regular coronavirus.

The task Force on coronaviruses announced that 13,634 new cases had been identified in the last 24 hours, with 4,501 in Moscow.

Almost 13 million of the capital city was the most affected area.

Two temporary clinics have been opened and corporations have ordered to operate at least 30 percent remotely.

The Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin quoted the state media Sunday as "in a few months, there will be the vaccine that will enable citizens to be large-scale vaccinated."

In August, Russia was the first nation to give regulatory approval to a vaccine of COVID-19 for the gain of those in the global science community before large-scale studies had been conducted.

According to the health ministry, about 400 high-risk patients have jabs, but the vaccine is still not in general.

"It's going to finish this novel, but without loss we have to bring it out," Sobyanin said.

Russia's Minister of Health last week recommended that some 145 million citizens sit at home in the US, India and Brazil, which have reported 1,298,718 cases this week.

On sunday, 149 people died overnight, up to 22,597 people, the Coronavirus task force said.

(Gleb Stolyarov's report; Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber's writing; Andrew Cawthorne's reporting)