AP FACT CHECK: Sen. Cruz scrambles the stats on Obamacare

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators investigating the Supreme Court appointment of Amy Coney Barrett heard a wildly misleading statement on Wednesday of the spikes in health insurance rates after Obamaacare was released.

Ted Cruz of Texas, Republican Sen., scratched figures on premium rates and misplaced insurance industry income as he invoked "Obamacare's catastrophe debacle."

Republicans defend the Health Care Act – or Obamacare – while the administration of Trump is calling for the Supreme Court to abolish the 2010 legislation as a whole.

Obamacare offers healthcare to nearly 20 million individuals and does not refuse or charge extra to others who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Audiences on the appointment of Barrett from the Senate Judiciary Committee:

CRUZ: "Obamacare has multiplied and multiplied the revenues of the major insurance insurers.

According to the Kaiser foundation, premiums — average family premium — has soared more than — on an average, on an average, by 7,967 dollars a year for giant healthcare firms.

This is devastating and can not provide healthcare for millions of Americans.

The failure of Obamacare is a disastrous one.

THE FATTS: No, as Cruz asserted, family medical insurance premiums did not increase by $7,967 a year.

Near nowhere.

The Kaiser Family Foundation shows this figure, but the increase is noticeable not annually, as Cruz put it, over eleven years, 2009 to 2020.

Furthermore, this figure refers to the cost of premiums for employer coverage, not Obamacare or overall health care insurance.

The policy for workers is in a entirely separate Obamacare health benefits bucket.

The employer coverage cost was not greatly impacted by the ACA and "the rise in rates is attributed primarily to improvements in the underlying healthcare rates during this time." Kaiser's Larry Levitt says.

Obamacare fees for a typical "silver" personal package purchased by a 40-year-old hypothetical went up from a nationwide average of 173 dollars a month for 2014 to 462 dollars this year.

Levitt said there's not a clear equivalent for a family premium in the ACA marketplaces; what a family pays is the sum of each member 's individual premiums.

Cruz even missed the target on insurance revenues.

For a period of time some major insurers lost money selling Obamacare coverage, and several companies left the markets of health law.

In reality, the ACA has a provision which restricted insurance revenues, which allows customers to be reimbursed if businesses invest less than 80% of their income on healthcare charges and on enhancing quality.

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