Canada's Halloween is not canceled, but a hockey stick could come in handy

OTTAWA (Reuters) – In the midst of a second round of COVID-19, the country's top health officials claim, as they are performing physical distancing, wear masks and wash their paws, the Canadian children can go trick or treat on Halloween.

In Canada and the U.S., Halloween is hitting the streets to discover sweets and maybe a fear or two through armies of children clad in spooky outfits.

The Halloween for parents is still frightening this year, but the amount of reports of coronavirus is increasing.

The Prime Minister cautioned on Mondays that the world was at a "hot stage" in its fight against a second surge, with the world registering 975 new infections.

Dr Howard Njoo, Canada's Deputy Chef of Public Health, said at a Tuesday news conference "We can have Halloween ... It is possible to send and collect sweets safely."

"These are very fascinating suggestions where visitors offer treatments at the end of a hockey stick," said the medical director Dr. Theresa Tam.

"It is very important to pre-pack the candies so that people are not wet in a bowl of candy."

More suggestions will be released on the website of the Ministry of Health, including equipping children with tiny hand-bottles sanitizers.

Health experts accept that "anything like normality" during the pandemic is essential, but Tam added that it is appropriate to remain outside, to physically separate oneself and to wear masks that "might be a part of your uniform."

(Steve Scherer's report; Sonya Hepinstall's editing)