South Korean boyband BTS facing criticism in China after making remarks about the Korean War

BTS-REUTERS kid party representatives in South Korea

South Korean boy BTS is faced with a bloc of criticism in China following its main commentary on the Korean War and the reality that many brands, like Samsung, are seemingly well away from the K-pop Community in the aftermath of the uproar.

The claim is the current example of the policy landmines waiting for the world's second-largest market, the major brands in China.

The BTS chief, recognised by the RM initials, disturbs many citizens in China in a speech when the Band is acknowledged by a US-based organisation.

RM invoked "the tale of suffering in Korea" and invoked the "sacrifices of countless men and women," relating to the 1950-53 Korean Conflict.

The war struck the US and South Koreans against the North and China forces.

A woman goes past a shot of BTS 'K-Pop boy band in a Seoul, South Korea-Shutterstock apartment shop

The remarks touched upon a vibrant discussion in China's social media.

The Weibo forum is an upset consumer referring to BTS, claiming that they must not make any revenue from China.

"If you want Chinese fans to make money you have to take Chinese emotions into account."

Smartphones and earphones featurizing Samsung's BTS special edition disappeared from Tmall and, the Chinese e-commerce platforms.

BTS posts from other companies including the FILA sports fashion brand and Hyundai automaker, which have seven-member group endorsements, have also disappeared from its office Weibo accounts, according to Chinese users.

It was not known if the posts had been deleted by businesses or anyone else.

When Reuters was called, Samsung, FILA and Hyundai hadn't addressed comments inquiries.

Big Hit Entertainment, the band's management company, did not immediately answer a comment request.